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2017 New Sintesi:


New Sintesi adopts Tange tubing, Prestige Japan, which provides excellent response in acceleration, while maintaining a smooth feeling on uneven roads. Sintesi is a frame that is not only good for those commuters, but also caters for tough riders who may be racing or subjecting the structure to cobble roads. Sintesi is a frame with elegant detailing, from tubing selection, welding, and to fine colors of the finish.


We guarantee a fully hand-made frame with exquisite, crisp paintwork, welcoming all custom designs.


Your Personal Signature:

When you place your final order, we can also integrate your name onto the frame for free. Simply let us know the name or send us a photo of your autograph and we will paint it just like your personal signature. If you do opt for this service, please make sure that you provide a high-resolution photo. Blurry images cannot guarantee an accurate representation.